What are the Dimensions Of A Facebook Profile Picture

Find out about the best practice of Facebook profile photo dimension & design.

The Facebook account photo is the first thing everybody notices.

It can be either a Facebook web page or individual profile, However it benefits both.

Your account picture need to be completely optimized to attract people to connect with you or your brand name.

Below I will discuss on the Facebook account picture and also its design as well as size. So remain tuned.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Facebook Profile Picture

Facebook Profile Picture Size

The brand-new Facebook account picture is smaller sized than it previously was, is cropped as a square, and also sits on top of your cover picture. Facebook automatically crops profile images to be square as well as display as 160 by 160 pixels (compared to the old 125 by 125 px size) when on your page or somebody else's Facebook page. On top of that, Facebook requires that the picture you publish has to be 180 × 180 pixels minimal, which permits top quality Facebook profile images and also the ability to plant pictures.

If you submit a rectangle-shaped picture, which most video cameras take, it will certainly force you to chop the account image to be square. If you want to crop the image on your own, you can go to your account photo and also select "Edit Account Photo" then "Edit Thumbnail." This will provide you the choice to chop the picture as you see fit.

Additionally, if you're on the normal Facebook feed, the profile image size will certainly be 32px by 32px, generally a smaller variation of your account picture on your individual page.

Suit Facebook Account Image with Cover Picture.

If you're interested in matching your profile picture, the dimension and also ranges between the account photo as well as the cover image are listed below. The profile image is 23 px from the left side of the cover picture and also 210 px from the top of the cover picture.

Facebook Profile Picture Size

Your Facebook profile picture is and has actually always been the solitary crucial part of your account. If somebody never ever, ever before sees your real account, never ever reads your articles, never stalks your photos, then believe that they will look at your profile photo. When Facebook was introduced a decade ago, a profile photo was the only thing you might contribute to your account that actually shared your personality. Now, it does the exact same thing, however it must compete with all of Facebook's various other features. However, impressions are crucial and you should see to it you pick a meaningful and genuine account photo that plainly reveals you as well as your passions and invites people to your page.

Any other pointers or concepts regarding the Facebook account photo size? Have you come up with any type of awesome ways to combine your account picture and also cover image? If so, leave a remark.