How to Hide Friend List On Facebook From Friends Update 2019

Privacy is just one of the huge worries of Facebook, but lately FB executed a lot of new settings for preserving an individual's Privacy - How To Hide Friend List On Facebook From Friends.

How To Hide Friend List On Facebook From Friends<br/>

Now, an individual has control on practically everything in their account (e.g. status, photos, albums etc). The customer likewise has the control of how they want to share product (e.g. with every person, friends, friends of friends, etc). Customers can even manually hide a condition from details people.

Did you recognize that you can also hide your friend list? It's true.

If you don't want unfamiliar people to see your friend list, after that you can simply hide it from them. It's really simple. You can use the enhanced Facebook Privacy settings to modify your friend list's visibility.

One thing which I have actually noticed when you maintain your friend list public is that lots of people see that list and also start including friends blindly.

As well as seeing usual friends, various other friends generally approve the friend request. It's sort of humiliating when your female friend educates you that some mutual friend of yours has sent her a friend request.

It's much better to let your friend list be visible just to you as well as concealed from others.

How To Hide Friend List On Facebook From Friends

This overview has actually been upgraded to match the new Facebook Privacy settings, as Facebook made some significant adjustments recently. So, follow this new tutorial and also hide your Facebook friend list from others:

Comply with these actions if you're making use of a web internet browser on a laptop or home computer ...

1-- Visit to your Facebook account.

2-- Click your name to see your "Timeline" page.

3-- Click the Friends link, after that click the pencil symbol at the far right.

4-- Select Edit Privacy from the drop-down menu.

5-- Change the "Who can see your friends list" setting to Only Me.

Adhere to these steps if you're making use of the Facebook app on a mobile device ...

1-- Log right into your Facebook account on the app.

2-- Touch the Menu icon (depending upon your version of the app it either resembles 3 horizontal lines or three dots).

3-- Scroll down as well as touch settings and Privacy.

4-- Tap Privacy.

5-- Scroll down as well as touch Who can see your friends list?

6-- Tap Only me.

That's all there is to it. Your friends list need to now be concealed from public.