How to Delete Your Facebook History

Have you ever been ashamed for a Facebook search you did? Possibly searched for an ex-spouse, your partner's ex-spouse, your crush, or a buddy of your mom's that you discover inexplicably attractive? Let's see just how to delete Facebook search history entirely, as well as avoid any feasible embarrassment.

How To Delete Your Facebook History

How To Delete History On Facebook

There are a great deal of articles on the internet on exactly how to delete Facebook search history. And, the majority of them are dated, taking the lengthy road to get to the complete Facebook search history, going through account -> task log -> search.

Well, every one of this belongs in the past.

We just need to go to our home page/ news feed, click on the search bar, as well as click EDIT.

This will immediately take us to our complete search history.

We can choose an individual entrance and delete it ...

... or we can go nuclear, as well as remove whatever, by clicking and then confirming the "clear searches" alternative.

This will delete Facebook search history permanently.

So easy.