How to Turn Facebook Chat Off

Facebook Messenger as well as WhatsApp are amongst one of the most preferred IM clients for smartphones but still Facebook leading the charts as it's utilized by a bulk of individuals, where you can link either with a PC, mobile, or a tablet unlike WhatsApp. Facebook on mobile systems like iOS as well as Android is conveniently accessible via the device browser, or using the official Facebook for Android/ apple iphone application and also Facebook Messenger for instantaneous messaging. Probably, if you're a power mobile user often linked to Internet for work, after that you might wish to disable Facebook Chat on your Android mobile phone, hence to hide your on-line presence and prevent unwanted chat messages that could be distracting or whatsoever!

To Disable Chat on Facebook for Android, open the Facebook app and also faucet on the menu button located at the top left edge. Scroll to the 'Setups' tab, open 'Application Settings', and uncheck the first option that says 'Facebook chat'. Currently Chat will be disabled and also your chat accessibility standing would certainly be offline to everyone. However, you can still send messages to your pals and also Chat with them in invisible setting.

How To Turn Chat Off On Facebook

To Show Up Offline on Facebook Messenger, open the Messenger application as well as tap on Setups. Currently uncheck the option that says 'Facebook chat' as well as conversely you can turn status to 'Off' in the Active tab. You'll still have the ability to send out and receive messages yet you won't have the ability to see that's online while chat is off. However, if Facebook app is additionally installed on your gadget then see to it you've disabled the chat choice there too, to remain offline!

How To Turn Chat Off On Facebook

Note: If both Facebook for Android and Facebook Messenger are set up on your phone and you want to disable FB Chat, then make sure chat choice is shut off on both because if chat is enabled on either of these two applications, then you'll appear as online on Facebook.