How Can I Hide A Friend On Facebook

Facebook is a wonderful way to get in touch with others. Although Facebook users take pleasure in connecting with others, they might not want a few of their get in touches with to see the friends they have made or the get in touches with on their account. In order to make friends invisible on a Facebook account page, personal privacy setups should be readjusted. This can be achieved by the complying with procedure:

How Can I Hide A Friend On Facebook

How To Hide Friend On Facebook

:) Go to to Facebook. Select the "Account" tab from the top right edge of the web page. Select "Privacy Settings" from the drop down listing.

:) This results in the 'Choose Your Privacy Settings' page. Select the area identified "View Settings" under "Basic Directory Information."

Additionally, while the user is logged onto Facebook he/she can see his/her own account or discover the "Edit Your Profile" web link on the top left edge of the Facebook internet site. This takes the customer to his/her own wall web page. Scroll to the "Friends" section as well as pick the little blue pencil icon which will open the "Edit Box" drop down food selection. Select the "Change Visibility Settings" option. This brings the customer to the "Basic Directory Information" section of Facebook's Privacy Settings also.

How To Hide Friend On Facebook

From this page find the "See my friend list" area and also choose the corresponding tab with a little lock icon for the section. It will certainly open a fall list that enables the customer to select that can see his/her listing:

Everyone-- Unlimited access to everybody checked in, even those without a Facebook account can see the customer's friends.

Friends of Friends-- the individual's friends and also their direct friends detailed on their account can see his/her friend listing.

Friends Just-- This limits access to individuals that are out the individual's friend listing.

Customize – The customize option allows the user to select those who he/she wants to have access to his/her friends list. The user can also choose to hide his/her friends list from specific people as well.

These changes can be previewed by selecting the “Preview my Profile” button at the top of the “Privacy Settings” page. Through this preview the user can type in a friend’s name in the provided field to see how his/her profile is displayed to their contacts when they visit the user’s profile. The user can adjust any of these settings if he/she changes his/her mind by repeating the process or selecting the “Back to Privacy Settings” button and undoing changes.