Clear Facebook Search History

Have you ever before repented for a Facebook search you did? Possibly searched for an ex lover, your partner's ex lover, your crush, or a close friend of your mommy's that you find inexplicably sexy? Let's see how to delete Facebook search history completely, and prevent any type of feasible embarrassment.

Clear Facebook Search History

How To Delete History On Facebook

There are a lot of articles on the web on how to remove Facebook search history. As well as, most of them are dated, taking the long roadway to reach the full Facebook search history, experiencing account -> task log -> search.

Well, all of this belongs in the past.

We only need to head to our home page/ information feed, click on the search bar, and also click EDIT.

This will promptly take us to our total search history.

We can choose a private entrance and remove it ...

... or we can go nuclear, and erase whatever, by clicking and after that verifying the "clear searches" alternative.

This will certainly remove Facebook search history completely.

So easy.